Rototuna Rotary donates to Rototuna High School

Rototuna Rotary & Fairfield Rotary run a very successful Book Fair every year and also participates in local markets such as the Crafts and Creations Market held annually at the Rototuna High School.

Craft & Creations Market 2019 was held on the 23 November with well over 140+ stalls of craft, arts, sweet treats, health and beauty products and more.

Tony Richardson, the genius behind the Book Fair, has a brilliant team ( Rototuna and Fairfield Rotary ) helping him sort books, CDs, DVDs, jigsaws and puzzles all year round arranged for us to participate at the Craft & Creations Market. With the view of donating every dollar back to the school.

Service Above Self, is one of Rotary's official mottoes and can be traced back to the very early days of the organisation.

The Book Fair team is relentless in Service above Self.

Giving time and energy each and every week. Enabling us to give back.

At Rototuna Rotary, we dream of making Rototuna a better place while having great fun, making new friends and building new relationship.


Picture below

Lee Robertson, treasurer at Rototuna Rotary and Sharnyn Haseltine, chair at Rototuna High PTA.

Rototuna Rotary donates to Rototuna High School