The annual Rotary charity book fair at the Te Rapa Racecourse is on hold.  Our collection depots have been temporarily suspended while the country is in lockdown, but we expect them to reopen as soon as the COVID-19 Alert Level drops below 4.  In the meantime, people wishing to donate books, CDs, DVDs and jigsaws are asked to hold on to them during the lockdown, and bring them to a collection depot when normal service resumes.
The next book fair will be worth waiting for.  Good quality items, everything beautifully sorted. Just need to deal to this pesky virus first.
A 40 foot container full of books is as close as we are going to get to a Rotary bookfair this autumn.  The COVID-19 lockdown means that collection of donations has been suspended for at least a month, and the fair itself will no longer be held in May as planned.  So far, about 30,000 items have been screened, sorted and packed away for the fair, and we are determined to make it the best ever. We have kept the quality high. Fiction is sorted by author, and fewer items are being classed as collectible, meaning more bargains and even better value for money.
Visitors to the next fair will notice some other differences too.  Records, CDs and DVDs are becoming scarcer as a lot of people move to streaming services, but what we are getting is top shelf material.  We are planning an evening session for the first time in many years, to cater for people who cannot get to the fair during the day.  We will most likely restrict the sale to one room, meaning keen buyers do not have to make the difficult choice of which room to visit first.  We will have free carry bags - and they will not be single-use plastic!
But some things will stay the same. The same friendly Rotary faces. Cheap prices. What you see is what you get. The 3-day format trialled last year will be retained, Thursday - Saturday, with a late night on the Friday.